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The CanHELP Employment Network - Definitely Not Another Job Board!

Typical job boards have worked fine in the past; however, the business model and method is outdated and in need of improvement. Creating and posting an ad, then collecting, organizing and short-listing resumes is very time consuming. Jobs are posted and in a few days lost in a sea of other job postings.

CanHELP was specifically created and designed with one goal in mind - to provide employers and job seekers with refined, simple, effective and intelligent tools to connect with one another.

So, What Exactly Is The CanHELP Employment Network?

Good question! We get that quite often, and not so surprisingly, people like to categorize our service as something they may be familiar with - a resume database, a referral service, a placement agency, a search service, human resources software, and, of all things, yet another job board!

We're none of these. In fact, we like to think of ourselves as a whole new concept to bringing job seekers and employers together - the next phase in the evolution of employment solutions.

Here's Our Elevator Pitch - The Extended Version

  • We're kind of like a Resume Repository; however, it's not what we are.

    A resume repository, or resume database, is a vast collection of applicant resumes; some service providers are proud of having millions or even zillions of resumes available for employers to sift through. Great! However, they typically leave something to be desired.

    How old are the resumes? Is the job seeker looking for work now? How thorough is the search functionality? How varied is the information provided? What kind of positions is the applicant interested in now? Where is the job seeker willing to work? As you can see, many questions remain unanswered.

    While posting a resume is an essential component of CanHELP job seekers' profiles, it's certainly not the definitive answer to what the CanHELP Employment Network is. Another factor which differentiates us from other services - only job seekers looking for work right now appear in job request results. Profiles are time-sensitive and require job seekers to sign in periodically to indicate they're still looking for work.

  • We're similar to Applicant Tracking Systems; but, it's not what we are.

    Applicant tracking software, or talent management systems, are designed for tracking job applications and manage resume data throughout the recruitment cycle. They may even be a component of a broader human resource information system. In plain english, they allow companies to better manage applicants and resumes.

    For small and medium sized businesses, many of these solutions are cost-prohibitive. And there's still the need to advertise for positions, steer candidates to one's website and short-list for interviews.

    The CanHELP Employment Network does incorporate key principles of applicant tracking directly into our platform - logging notes about experiences with job seekers, storing related communication and applying statuses to determine where in the hiring cycle an applicant is.

  • We can be compared to Social Networking sites; again, it's not what we are.

    Social networking typically involves online communities focused on shared interests or activities, enables participants to share their own content, makes communicating easier, and influences interaction between peers and the general public.

    We certainly incorporate many social networking features into the CanHELP Employment Network - messaging, photo uploads, self-introduction video posting and the ability to link to other social neworking sites.

    However, one of the major aspects of social networking - sharing with peers and the general public - is something you won't find here. While many social platforms are increasingly raising privacy concerns, the need for job seekers and employers privacy is paramount and one of the cornerstones behind the development of the CanHELP Employment Network.

CanHELP Is The Evolution Of Employment

To summarize, job seekers are provided with a free platform to post their resume, flesh out their profile, detail positions and locations they're interested in and add social media content, giving job seekers the power to promote themselves to a targeted audience, and only to employers which fit their needs.

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For employers, we eliminate the need to advertise positions, collect and organize resumes, sift through qualifications, and more. Employers are able to conduct refined and detailed searches for only qualified candidates, review their results instantly, then short list and set interviews within minutes.

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How We're Different

Definitely Not
Another Job Board!

Our process helps eliminate ad placement, pre-screening and much of the first interview.

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