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How We Help Canadian Tourism & Hospitality Employers

"Changing the ways of employment"

For employers, the old systems of placing ads and waiting for resumes to arrive, collecting, storing, sorting, short listing, contacting and booking interviews is outdated. It’s a slow and painful process, inefficient from a cost-benefit perspective and often results in disappointment.

What Prompts Employers To Hire & How We Answer The Call!

Staff member gives notice of employment.

Generally an employee will give two weeks’ notice. An employer may start the search by looking through resumes dropped off at the door or ask their staff if they know anyone who’s looking for a job. Next, they can post an ad with a web service or local paper.

In most cases, LUCK plays a part finding the right replacement in time for training.

The CanHELP solution gives employers access to our employment networking application which provides instant access to job seekers looking for work right now. 

Employee is abruptly terminated.

This causes an immediate opening, schedule changes, panic hiring and settling for someone that will just do for now.

CanHELP’s system has already developed a pool of only the most recent qualified candidates ready to view online and contact for interviews right now. It’s possible to search, shortlist, interview and hire a great employee in the same day!

Seasonal changes.

Staffing can be a headache for resorts, hotels or any seasonal establishments. They have to raise staffing levels that can more than double. This often requires a lot of foresight and planning. Most businesses will post blanket ads and set up a “cattle call”, schedule themselves or assign a manager or a team of managers to the task. This process can take months to accomplish and a lot of manpower.

CanHELP has the tools to make this daunting task manageable by fewer people as there's no need to place ads, collect and organize resumes, or arrange cattle calls. Our tools are built to allow a single person to source, select, short-list, organize and book interviews in minutes.

Opening a new establishment. 

Again, the typical process is another “cattle call” scenario. CanHELP saves you time and money, helps you be more organized and provides you with better results using less manpower.

Discover How The CanHELP Employment Network Can Help You!

As we're a new concept, we encourage you to explore our website further to find out more about CanHELP's tourism and hospitality employment solution and how you can benefit from our service.


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How We're Different

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Our process helps eliminate ad placement, pre-screening and much of the first interview.

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