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Employers' FAQ - Why Choose CanHELP?

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What's so different about CanHELP?

Simply put, CanHELP is NOT a "job posting board" or a "resume database"! It's an entirely new and innovative approach to hiring.

Job seekers are empowered to promote themselves to prospective employers through their CanHELP Employment Network profile, each typically featuring the following information:

  • contact information - name, location, email, phone, etc.
  • job agent data - full/part-time, eligibility, environment, etc.
  • resume - work history, education, skills & specialties, etc.
  • preferred positions & locations
  • optional references, photos, self-introductory videos, and more.

Employers gain invaluable access to a network of job seekers looking for work RIGHT NOW, allowing you to secure the right employee quickly!

By using the CanHELP Employment Network to find, qualify, short-list and set interviews within minutes, we eliminate the following from the hiring cycle:

  • placing ads in newspapers or trade-related media
  • posting to job boards or sifting through resume databases
  • spending time & money on "cattle calls"
  • collecting, sorting & filing resumes, or CVs
  • sifting through resumes, or CVs, to determine qualifications

To add to the benefits provided by the CanHELP Employment Network, our affordable subscription packages have been tailored to meet the needs of a wide range of employers with wide range of requirements - from "mom & pop" businesses to seasonal employers to large corporations.

Why are your results better?

  • You will see only qualified job seekers ready to start working today.
  • You get to view the job seeker’s detailed profile outlining the jobs they want, their skill sets, types of establishments & locations they desire.
  • You select the criteria needed to fill the position & control your results.
  • We do the advertising nationally for all hospitality & tourism positions for you.

What about old or outdated profiles?

All job seekers profiles are timestamped based on the last time they've signed into the CanHELP Employment Network. Job seekers are periodically prompted to sign into their profiles to indicate they're still seeking work.

Only job seekers whose profiles are active are returned in results when employers submit job requests to the CanHELP Employment Network. This ensures employers are able to focus their efforts solely on job seekers who are looking for work right now.

1 - 3 of 3 records found
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More About Our Canadian Hospitality & Tourism Employment Network

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How We're Different

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Our process helps eliminate ad placement, pre-screening and much of the first interview.

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