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Why A CanHELP Job Seeker Profile Is Essential

Searching for employment can be a full-time job in and of itself. If you're interested in a position or career in the hospitality and tourism industry - accommodations, food & beverage, entertainment & recreation, travel & tours or transportation - anywhere across Canada, you’ve come to the right place.

CanHELP provides an online venue for you to highlight your Canadian hospitality and tourism talents by allowing you to flesh out your profile with pertinent info like your work history and education, establishments and locations you'll work in, your preferred contact methods, and much more.

Once you're satisfied with your profile, change your account status and, depending on the profile settings you've selected, you may be quickly surprised to hear from an employer - or two, three or more.

Benefits Of Our Canadian Hospitality & Tourism Employment Network

CanHELP offers Canadian hospitality and tourism job seekers a variety of benefits:

  • direct exposure to key decision-makers throughout the Canadian hospitality and tourism industry at the very moment their need arises
  • quick and easy sign-up and updating of your Job Seeker profile, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year from any connected computer, or mobile device, anywhere.
  • everyone from entry level to executive applicants are welcome to sign up - no minimum qualifications or pre-training requirements
  • keep yourself informed of what's happening in the Canadian hospitality and tourism industry through weekly news letters, rss news feeds, postings and account activity reminders
  • find what you're really looking for in a hospitality and tourism position by taking advantage of your CanHELP Job Seeker Account profile, resume and job agent - our system then matches your needs directly to the employer's criteria!

Not Quite Sure If The CanHELP Employment Network's For You?

Given our innovative approach to employment, we encourage job seekers to browse our website to learn more about CanHELP's tourism and hospitality employment solution.

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