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Finding Work In Hospitality & Tourism Is A Fulltime Job, Or Is It?

Unlike traditional job boards, resume databases, placement services and newspaper ads, the CanHELP Employment Network is what many throughout the hospitality and tourism industry are beginning to consider the next step in the evolution in employment.

The traditional ways of securing employment consume a considerable amount of time, and are inefficient at best. One of the cornerstones of developing the CanHELP Employment Network is to streamline the hiring process, while eliminating several steps in the process for tourism and hospitality job seekers.

Traditional Job Hunting Methods When Looking To Secure Work

If it’s a part-time job or fulltime position you're after, or you're looking for a temporary or permanent career change, job seekers typically start by composing or updating their resume, and getting ready to market themselves. Then the hunt begins, and it usually follows the same routine.

Some Of The Disadvantages To Traditional Job Seeking Include ...

  • Surfing internet job board postings. There are usually lots but most are anonymous or repeat postings asking to reply to this email with resume attached or an even more annoying on line application form.
  • Sending out an alert to family, friends and associates through various social networks, looking for someone who may be "in the know" of an opening.
  • Newspaper ads, school/college/university notice boards and online postings often redirecting job seekers to apply in person at locations far removed.
  • Attending what are often labeled "cattle calls" where employers may or may not be able to place a face to the name afterwards.
  • Cold calling or dropping off resumes at random establishments, which often give you another application form to fill out, perhaps resulting in an interview.

These are the typical steps most job seekers take to find employment, which can take up the better part of a day. Tomorrow comes and you do it all over again.

The CanHELP Employment Network - The Evolution Of Employment

The CanHELP Employment Network has developed an innovative, leading edge approach to job hunting that’s almost too easy!

Sign up and get started with your CanHELP Employment Network profile. You'll immediately receive a confirmation email - be sure to confirm your account by following the instructions found in the email.

Once your account is confirmed, sign in and create your profile - flesh out your job agent, add your resume, indicate which positions and location you'd prefer, and, as an option, add a photo, self-introduction video or social profiles.

Then be sure to enable your account once you're satisfied with your profile.

Several Of The CanHELP Employment Network Advantages Include ...

  • It only takes a few minutes to populate your profile, and you'll still have plenty of time to pursue employment the old way.
  • Not only is it completely free, it can save you considerable time and money.
  • No leg work, printing, searching through job boards or being buried in huge resume databases.
  • No filling out generic application forms, or getting lost in the crowd at cattle calls.

Once your profile is complete and enabled, you'll begin to appear in employers' job requests. Should you meet the employers' requirements, your profile will quite likely be favourited and you can expect to hear from them. Be sure to sign in frequently and check your messages - you may very well find requests for an interview in your messages.

Give the CanHELP Hospitality and Tourism Employment Network a try today - you have nothing to lose, and only employment to gain!

Discover How The CanHELP Employment Network's Can Benefit You

We understand our approach is new, and may require a little more explanation. Learn more about CanHELP's hospitality and tourism employment network by following the links below.

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