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You Want Those Employees But Do They Want You?

posted on: 2012-08-13

It’s important to realize that, as an employer, candidates you are thinking of hiring are equally picky about who they will work for. Just as you strive to find the perfect employee to fit your organization, the employee is searching for the place that will provide them their job of choice.

Do You Have What It Takes?

Employees take into consideration other factors beyond the monetary wage when considering a job offer.

Does your company offer a competitive benefits package? Is there room to grow and move up in your business? Do you offer a safe working environment and a flexible work schedule? Are there other perks such as employee discounts for meals or hotel stays? Is there an employee rate on plane tickets for your airport staff? If applicable, are yor bonuses in line with those of your competitors?

These are good points to consider. You want to make yourself more attractive to work for than your competition.

The Importance Of Reputation

Word of mouth about a particular business, location or service spreads like wildfire. A customer may tell one or two people about the great experience they received. They also tell everyone they know about a bad experience.

Do not discount your reputation in the field. If your business has an excellent reputation for providing an outstanding place to work, this will attract solid people to you who are looking to make a career with one organization. Make sure they choose yours!

Looking Out For Your Staff

Second only to customers, your employees should be the lifeblood of your organization. Offering them a structured and well thought-out program to maintain their loyalty will go a long way in securing yourself staff you can be proud of.

It will also make your employees proud to work for you. In an industry where high turnover is prevalent, offering your employees what is most important to them in the way of promotions, benefits and training will make your business that much stronger.

Having well tenured and loyal staff in turn generates loyal, repeat clientele. Securing a strong team who care about the customers they serve will cement your reputation from both sides. What could be better than that?


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